Sometimes, promises can be scary. Why? Because they can be broken at any time. Some of them can be broken unintentionally. They can be broken by circumstances that are out of our control.

“I promise to love you forever” is broken when a breakup occurs.

“I promise to be here for you forever” is broken when death occurs.

Of course, most people understand that the promise to be here for someone forever really means “while I’m alive”. But when little kids hear this from their parents, they don’t understand.

With adults, relationships and marriages are at stake. Emotions run high in the honeymoon phase. They can continue to run high for months, years, decades. But what if the flame dims, and no one tries to rekindle it? What if emotions change and conflict with each other? What if so many tragedies happen in two people’s lives that they end up divided by hate or emotional detachment? What happens when cheating occurs?

Okay, these are really negative hypothetical scenarios–things we don’t want to even think about. But they’re reality. We see these promises being broken far too often. Hate, abandonment, divorce…all without warning.

The word “promise” holds a lot of weight. There’s A LOT at stake. I wonder…Are we too loose with our promises?