I’ve always loved cake, especially chocolate with sprinkles and colorful frosting.

For my 22nd birthday, my mom gave me a photo album of my life to that point. One of the first photos in the book was from my first birthday. My face was coated in frosting, my mouth wide as I shoved chocolate cake down my throat.

I remember looking at the photo and thinking, Well…This explains a lot.

To this day, when someone says that there’s cake, I dive into giddy bliss and mentally taste the piece before it’s even on my plate. The only difference between now and when I was one is that I’m not quite as messy. No matter how many years go by, though, I will always love cake just as much as I did in that photograph.

Now, as I look at the photo, I wonder…What will my wedding cake look like? Will my future spouse share my love of cake? Will we smear frosting on each other’s faces as a childish act of love? Will our future children also love cake? Will they cherish their cake-shoving days?

I might not know these answers for a long time. But until then, I will eat cake and enjoy every bite.