On the nights when I spend time looking at the sky, the stars look a little different than they did before. Some nights, there’s only one or two stars visible. Other nights, I can see big clusters of stars, each one of them varying in brightness, size, and age.

Most of the time, I don’t think about these differences. Only on the nights that they’re super noticeable do I acknowledge them and feel wonder.

Now, as I think about the differences that I’ve seen, I wonder…Is this the passing of time? Is every second different than the one before? Is every day different than the one before? Do we only think about these differences when we take the time to look back and/or anticipate the future?

Time moves fast, but we don’t notice it when we’re standing still. Everything just looks…the same. Every day feels the same. Same routine, same places, same faces. So it’s easy to assume that our feelings about life will never change. It’s easy to assume that the future will be no different than the present.

I don’t know about everyone else’s views. But I have found that on the nights when the stars look different, so too does my perspective on life.