When we look into another’s eyes, we might admire the color. We might notice and become curious about their expressions.

Some eyes are dark and vacant. Some eyes are vibrant, full of life and expression. They’re all different. They all tell emotion, changing from time to time when our moods and circumstances change.

We’ve all seen sad eyes and happy eyes. We’ve seen wide eyes–the eyes of shock. We’ve seen squinted eyes–the eyes of focus and determination. We’ve seen tightly-shut eyes–the eyes of irritation, grief, or pain.

We don’t know the stories behind these eyes, but we do know the stories behind our own. It’s only when we look in the mirror that we notice our own eyes. We can control how they look and judge them for ourselves. But in the eyes of others, the eyes of people looking into our own, they might have good enough vision to notice the honesty that our eyes reveal.