Text conversation between best friends Brooke and Sam:

Brooke: Hey, Sam! Do you want to go to the beach today?

Sam: Sorry, girl. I’d love to, but I’m at a family reunion. We’re 3 hours away. 😦

Brooke: Aw, man! I haven’t seen you in weeks! Summer’s almost over. 😦

Sam: I know! I wish I could leave.

*Several seconds later*

Sam: …You know, I could just ask my sister if she’ll let me take her car. I’ll pay gas money.

Brooke: Really?! Do you think she’d let you do that? She’d have to go home with your parents then.

Sam: Oh, yeah. She probably wouldn’t be cool with that.

Brooke: Doesn’t she owe you a favor, though? You DID convince Ray to ask her out.

Sam: You’re right. But still. This would be asking a HUGE favor.

Brooke: Yeah, but it’s worth a try.

Sam: Okay. I’ll text you back after I ask her.

Phone call between Sam and her sister Jess:

Sam: *Calls Jess and eagerly waits for her to answer*

Jess: Ugh. What do you want, freak?

Sam: Uh…I was wondering…

Jess: What?

Sam: Could I borrow your car?

Jess: *Serious voice* To go where?

Sam: To go home?

Jess: WHAT?! *Laughs loudly* You’re joking, right?

Sam: No. I just want to hang out with Brooke.

Jess: So I’m assuming you want me to go home with Mom and Dad?

Sam: I know it sucks! I’m sorry! But just this one time! Please?!

Jess: No!

Sam: Come on! I got Ray to ask you out. You owe me.

Jess: I’ll do you a favor sometime, but I’m not letting you take my car. *hangs up phone*


A few seconds later, Jess texts Sam.

Jess: I really hope you were joking.