A few years ago, I came across an online Christian store called JCLU Forever. As I looked through the website, it was really nice to see so many shirts expressing faith and praise. Some of the shirts had words like “Blessed”, “Forgiven”, and “Saved” on the front. Others said phrases like “The struggle is real, but so is God”, “Love ’em. Don’t judge ’em”, and “Keep it holy”. My favorite shirts were the ones with full Bible verses on the front.

For college graduation, my brother bought me a T-shirt with 1 Timothy 4:12. For my 24th birthday, my mom bought me a woman’s V-neck with Proverbs 31:25. Recently, I bought myself a T-shirt that had Philippians 4:13 in calligraphy.

Every time I wear one of these shirts, I am expressing praise and faith through scripture. I am reminding myself and others of the power and love from the God Most High.