Everywhere we go, we can overhear little pieces of conversations. Some of these pieces aren’t so pleasant. They could go something like this:

“You know that new girl who just transferred here?”

“Yeah. She’s so weird!”


“He’s so bad at his job! Seriously, how is he still here?”

On the surface, these just sound like really mean comments. While they might provoke a reaction or a feeling from us, it’s usually temporary. These are things said by people we don’t know and will probably never see again. So it doesn’t really affect us, right?

But what if these people aren’t just strangers? What if they’re your classmates or colleagues–people with whom you may not have a close relationship, but you see every day?

Chances are, you’ll hear these negative comments again. In your mind, these comments could replay over and over again. You’ll associate faces with the words. Sometimes, you can start to hear and think about these people so much that you start to wonder what they’re saying about you.

Even after you leave school or work, you can still walk past strangers who make similar comments to the ones you’ve heard. Even if they’re about someone else, you might start to wonder: Do people say that about me too?

Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic about people’s words’ “devastating” effects on the mind. Maybe not everyone is affected as strongly as I am. But I’m sure there are people who can relate–writers, musicians, the anxious, the bullied, the people with the most dramatic minds or the most dramatic lives.