“Storage almost full.”

Isn’t that the most annoying alert on a tablet or a phone?

If you have a tablet or a phone, you know how it is. You go to the App Store, type a topic of interest, scroll down to view the apps, and read the reviews. You see one that sounds really good. So you press “Get” and wait for the app to download, forever watching the blue circle appear before you see the “Open” tab.

But before the full circle appears, an alert pops up, telling you “Cannot download” because there’s no more space.

You could go back and delete apps. But which ones do you delete? Which ones aren’t important anymore? How do you decide?!

Like that tablet or phone, our sanity has that “Storage almost full” alert. Friendships can’t always be established for reasons that we don’t always understand. And sometimes, when friendships or relationships become too dramatic for us (constant fights, fading interests), they have to be deleted.

But it’s hard.

Which friendships do we keep? Which ones do we end? With whom can we form a friendship? How many of them can start? How do we choose which ones to pursue?

Unlike the space in our lives for people, the questions are endless. The questions we dwell on just lead to insanity.

How do we survive if we make the wrong choice? Keep the wrong thing, delete the wrong thing?

But there’s one question that we rarely remember to ask: What if we could survive no matter what we delete, even if just one thing seems like a lot?

There are SO MANY apps on phones and tablets. I’ve had to delete so many of them, so many from topics that are of great interest to me: Television, music, writing, books, religion, mind games. It was (and still is) SO hard.

But apps from ALL topics of interest still exist. Friends who can support our dreams and who share our passions still exist. And sure. It can be scary and even frustrating to try to form new friendships and start new relationships. But what if some of them are actually really good, better than the ones we’ve had before? What if they bring us peace?

Maybe, just maybe, that annoying “Storage almost full” alert really isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s just a sign that some things need to be deleted so that our lives can be filled with good things we just have yet to pursue.