“Slow down! Slow down!” the instructor yelled.

Allison quickly stepped on the brakes. She and the instructor jolted forward in their seat belts. Their car stopped less than an inch away from the truck in front of them.

“I’m sorry!” Allison cried.

“You have to be careful!”

The instructor was breathing heavy. As she wiped sweat off her forehead, she clenched her eyes shut and let out an aggravated growl.

I’m her worst student yet, Allison thought.

“Okay, Allison. That’s enough for today. Let’s head back to school.”

Allison nodded, clenching the steering wheel and trying not to cry.

When the two of them got back to school, Allison parked in the space nearest to the entrance. As she tried to center the car between the yellow lines, something in her gut told her that this was her worst parking job yet.

“Let’s see how you did,” the instructor said.

They got out of the car to see that it was parked between two spaces. It wasn’t even straight. The instructor said nothing as she wrote something on her notepad. Allison couldn’t look at her disapproving frown.

“Well…that wasn’t your best parking job.”

“I know,” Allison said. “I suck at driving.”

She started to cry. The instructor softened her disappointed expression and patted Allison on the shoulder.

“Allison, I’m sorry for yelling at you,” she said. “You haven’t had many chances to drive yet. I know. It’s just that we’ve gone over stopping at red lights several times. I want to see you apply the lessons from class when you’re driving. I know that you can do it.”

Allison’s breathing slowed as she stopped crying.

“Okay. I’ll try harder next time,” she said.

“Good. You got this. Before we drive again, I want you to practice, practice, practice!”

“All right.”

“Now go to your next class. I’ll see you tomorrow, and we can discuss this further.”

As Allison walked to the door, she looked over her shoulder and saw a few cars pull out of the parking lot.

I WILL get this driving thing down, she told herself. I just have to keep trying.